How Many Grandkids Exactly Do I Have Again?

As I continue to muse joyfully on big families, I think of the myriad of Grandmother Footit’s grandchildren, my brothers, sisters and cousins.  And I think in particular of one of those forty whose life ended much too soon, Noreen Britton Minkler.

A Plethora of Beds and Babies: Happy B’day Mother Lillard, 97

And in one of those moments where I wonder what I have to complain about, I think of the story Julia tells of when her mom went in to the base hospital to birth her youngest. Only days after, Mrs. Lillard had to pack up and move to the next base as her husband was going back to Vietnam. Six children, a day-old baby, moving house and a husband off to Vietnam.

3 Moms and 24 Kids. What Was It Like In Your Brood?

Joyful Musings: In the photo above, the woman fourth from the right is my mom Nancy; she smiles between her two good friends, Mrs. Ryan and Mrs. Donnellan. Between them they had 24 children – my mother with the smallest brood of only six.