Many Bags Full of Hope And Other Stuff For This ‘Bag Lady’

JOYFUL MUSINGS: As I type, I glance to several bags I have propped by the door – one holds a myriad of goods – including Portsmouth’s Music Hall’s magazine, a phone charger, a map of New York City, a package of Bumble Bee Tuna, a whistle, two lipsticks and a microphone.

You Got Elected, Now NH Wants To Know

 Harriet Cady of Deerfield wants to know:  My question is why with veterans’ complaints to Senator Shaheen, Senator Hassan, Representatives Shea-Porter and Kuster, why did it take whistleblowers story to finally get $30 million to fix the problems? 

Getting Bi

THE GAY AGENDA: Some queer people perceive bisexual people as somehow not “queer enough,” while straight cisgender people perceive them as “too queer.”