Bucket Lists Are for The Young

“The 50 Most Unforgettable Things You Have to Do Abroad Before You Die.” The author’s recommendations included such activities as a free-dive on a Caribbean shipwreck, a mountain bike ride down Bolivia’s no-rails Road of Death, and hiking with lungs burning to a Bhutanese monastery.

Will Politics Ever Be Fun Again?

Dick Tuck died last month. He was a minor political operative who worked for various Democrats back in the sixties and seventies. His specialty was at getting under Dick Nixon’s skin.

A very friendly ‘no’ from federal energy regulators is bad news for consumers

Cost-of-service rate treatment is exactly what we supposedly got away from by restructuring the electric industry to eliminate old-fashioned, vertically integrated utility monopolies.  The parade of generators begging for a return to the good old days could well include facilities like Seabrook, Merrimack and Schiller stations.