D-Day Approaches for Northern Pass

CONCORD — Next week Massachusetts’ three major electric distributors and the Department of Environmental Resources will announce which proposals to produce 10 terawatt hours of clean renewable energy over the next 20 years will be selected to negotiate long-term contracts.

Our electricity grid gives us a wake-up call in NH

Power to the People: What happens at dawn when the power goes out at the home of New Hampshire’s consumer advocate, the man who represents the interests of residential utility customers before the Public Utilities Commission? And it’s wicked cold.

The Deep State from Rattlesnake Ridge, NH

At the Grocery Store when we buy meat or fresh and frozen vegetables
all winter long we thank the “Deep State” at FDA that regulates the
safety of beef and pork and chicken and veggies as well as the Deep
State at Market Basket or Hannaford’s that makes sure they arrive on a
regular basis so that we are never without the sustenance to keep
hearth and home together – no matter who is President of the USA or
CEO of our grocery chain.

3 Moms and 24 Kids. What Was It Like In Your Brood?

Joyful Musings: In the photo above, the woman fourth from the right is my mom Nancy; she smiles between her two good friends, Mrs. Ryan and Mrs. Donnellan. Between them they had 24 children – my mother with the smallest brood of only six.