Living Dangerously with My Dover Library Grab Bag

At the Dover Library Book Sale, I put my confidence in those who orchestrated this yearly event, who sorted through books and media and created the oh so wonderful and oh so uncertain: Grab Bag.

The Colors of Autumn Fly Fishing

Standing in the middle of a river with the fall colors all around, the blue sky above and the reflection of the trees in the mirrored blue water is almost sensory overload, but I do enjoy it.

NH Electric Co-op Members Give Resounding Yes to Broadband Plans

Members of the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative have given a resounding “Yes!” vote to the utility’s plans to extend fast, affordable internet service to tens of thousands of rural households and businesses that now lack it.

Utility Regulation Gone Awry: A Crash Course

Power to the People is a column by D. Maurice Kreis, New Hampshire’s Consumer Advocate. Kreis and his staff of four represent the interests of residential utility customers before the NH Public Utilities Commission and elsewhere.