Lobbying Registration Database Reporting Recipe

ProPublica – Our new lobbying database will help you cover Congress and the organizations that may try to influence lawmakers. We hope this new database will be helpful to a wide variety of people, from informed citizens and civic activists to journalists.

Forest Society Lawyer Disputes Limiting Questions At Northern Pass Hearing

CONCORD — The attorney representing the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests challenged the Site Evaluation Committee chairman’s rulings limiting questions she and other intervenors can ask witnesses during Monday’s adjudicative hearing on the Northern Pass Transmission project.

Events Can Put You on the Travelers’ Map: But It Isn’t Easy

New Hampshire residents saw this effect during the 24 years that people traveled from near and far to attend Keene, New Hampshire’s annual Pumpkin Festival. Many of the thousands of attendees were people who had never heard of Keene previously.

Many Bags Full of Hope And Other Stuff For This ‘Bag Lady’

JOYFUL MUSINGS: As I type, I glance to several bags I have propped by the door – one holds a myriad of goods – including Portsmouth’s Music Hall’s magazine, a phone charger, a map of New York City, a package of Bumble Bee Tuna, a whistle, two lipsticks and a microphone.

A New Generation of White Supremacists Emerges in Charlottesville

The white supremacist forces arrayed in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend — the largest gathering of its sort in at least a generation — represented a new incarnation of the white supremacy movement. Old-guard groups like the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations and the Nazi skinheads, which had long stood at the center of racist politics in America, were largely absent.

Visiting the Danger Zone: Not the best idea, but just in case . .

In the case of El Salvador, the first thing that pops up is a detailed travel warning. Gang warfare, violent street crime, as well as narcotics and arms trafficking are more than the subject material of video games in El Salvador. Warnings extend to backpacking expeditions, hotel and restaurant experiences, and travel on public transportation.