Share of Women in Elected Office in NH Legislature and Every State

Women still have a long way to go before their representation in state political offices reflects the U.S. population. Women currently represent just 25.3 percent of state legislators and 22.8 percent of statewide elected executives.

Lobbying Registration Database Reporting Recipe

ProPublica – Our new lobbying database will help you cover Congress and the organizations that may try to influence lawmakers. We hope this new database will be helpful to a wide variety of people, from informed citizens and civic activists to journalists.

Forest Society Lawyer Disputes Limiting Questions At Northern Pass Hearing

CONCORD — The attorney representing the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests challenged the Site Evaluation Committee chairman’s rulings limiting questions she and other intervenors can ask witnesses during Monday’s adjudicative hearing on the Northern Pass Transmission project.

Travel Services Ain’t What They Used to Be

Those travel behaviors, they are a changing. For years, we could count on a vacationer or businessperson exhibiting the ensuing behavior: arrival at an airport, followed by a quick taxi ride to a downtown hotel, before seeking a meal at either a sit-down or fast food restaurant.