Meet Windows to the Wild Host Willem Lange’s New Canine Companion Oct. 4

Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange has a new blonde bombshell in his life. Her name is Kiki, and she’s a 10-month-old rescue dog from Texas who shares Lange’s love of the outdoors. In a new episode of Windows to the Wild, Lange and Kiki join New York Times-bestselling author Tom Ryan and his dog Samwise on Pine Mountain in Gorham, New Hampshire.

From Devastated Puerto Rico: ‘We are rationing the food’

Link inside for story in Spanish. With no tap water and blocked access to go in the car to find food, this man’s family collects spring water and wanders through the forest looking for vegetables, oranges and coconuts to survive. Assistance of the national, federal or municipal government has not yet arrived to these parts.

Manchester Diocese Third Graders Will Receive Confirmation and First Communion in 2018

While the age of a Confirmandi ranges diocese to diocese, the Diocese of Manchester, for many years has bestowed the sacrament to 10th graders, who after they receive it are no longer expected to attend religious education classes.

After June 2018, however, Confirmation and First Holy Communion will be given to 3rd graders.