Sununu Blasts SEC On WTSN: Northern Pass Was ‘Railroaded’

As Massachusetts scrambles to proceed with its major clean energy project after Northern Pass’s application was recently denied, GOP Gov. Chris Sununu took to the radio on Friday to blast the Site Evaluation Committee’s unanimous 7 to 0 vote against building the controversial 192-mile powerline from Pittsburg to Deerfield.

How Many Grandkids Exactly Do I Have Again?

As I continue to muse joyfully on big families, I think of the myriad of Grandmother Footit’s grandchildren, my brothers, sisters and cousins.  And I think in particular of one of those forty whose life ended much too soon, Noreen Britton Minkler.

New Friends For Some, Sadness for Others As Northern Pass’ Focus Shifts To Mass.

It was a real David and Goliath story played out over seven years. And while Northern Pass plans to appeal after regulators denied its $1.6 billion transmission project last week, lots of people along the proposed route from Pittsburg to Deerfield are celebrating. Project supporters say they are disappointed as Massachusetts officials scramble to figure out how to proceed now – with or without Northern Pass.

Bienvenue is Much More Than a Sign on the NH Interstate

While English speaking Canadians are important to the Granite State, Francophone Canadians—primarily from Quebec and New Brunswick provinces—provide the largest contingent (59% in 2015). In order to lure these visitors, New Hampshire must compete with more popular destinations in Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Hydro-Quebec Says Two Other Mass. Clean Energy Bidders Still Want to Move Forward

“We are in the wait and see position right now,” said Hydro-Quebec spokesman Lynn St-Laurent. She said the Northern Pass project was further along with an in-service date of 2020. “We need to see what is going to happen,” St-Laurent said, “to see if the in-service date 2020 still holds.”