Straight Talk: Time To Make The Laws, But Please Kill Private School Voucher Bill

STRAIGHT TALK: A request to have a bill written up is called a Legislative Service Request (LSR) and so far there are 676, even before the Senate additions. New Hampshire, being unique among states, requires each bill filed to have a public hearing and to be voted on by the full House.

Gift From Mike Marland To NH

Mike Marland rocks. You can get your Mike Marland fix at and Click inside for the links.

Opinion: The Opportunity Costs of Northern Pass

Wayne King of Rumney is opposed to Northern Pass. He is an author, artist and activist and was a three-term State Senator who chaired the Senate Economic Development Committee and the NH Senate Economic Summit.

Manchester Diocese Third Graders Will Receive Confirmation and First Communion in 2018

While the age of a Confirmandi ranges diocese to diocese, the Diocese of Manchester, for many years has bestowed the sacrament to 10th graders, who after they receive it are no longer expected to attend religious education classes.

After June 2018, however, Confirmation and First Holy Communion will be given to 3rd graders.

The Spirit of Giving Is Catchy in Dover

JOYFUL MUSINGS: Giving does not have to be much – it can be a prayer, the holding of a door, the letting in of someone in traffic. 

N.H. Right to Know Study Commission Seeks Public Input

Future meetings of the Right to Know Study Commission will be held each Thursday  at 1:30 pm through the end of October in the Legislative Office Building in Concord. A public comment period is included in each meeting. Attend a future meeting and share your thoughts on this important issue. Help us shape the future of how Right to know complaints will be resolved in New Hampshire.