A Stealth History Lesson in Baltimore

All of us — the workers, the cops, the mayor, scattered reporters and onlookers — watched the focus of the work, an imposing sculpture of Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, each on his horse. The crane lowered a big harness dangling from a red metal hook. One worker clambered up on a ladder to fit the harness around the prodigious girth of the generals’ steeds. There was much adjustment and anticipation.

Going, But Not Gone

MIKE MARLAND: The time has come…as of today I will still be drawing editorial cartoons, but not on a regular basis.

The financial structure for my work no longer exists and it’s time for me to pursue other avenues to replace the income previously generated by editorial cartooning. I’ll still draw a cartoon now and then when something pops up that I can’t resist commenting on and post it online, just not on a regular schedule. (click inside for more)

Northern Pass: Tourism in the Looking Glass

NH Travel Guru: Rather  than choose sides in this controversy, I hope to use my experience to enhance the reader’s ability to frame an informed opinion.

17 And Living a Frugal Adventure in The Big Apple

NYC on the cheap: I prefer the “Live Lottery.” That is where you simply go to the theatre where a show is due to be presented and write your name on a piece of paper and see if your name gets called.