Eversource Chief Questioned About ‘Clean’ Energy Claims And Northern Pass Costs

CONCORD — Many opponents of the Northern Pass project want the entire 192 miles of transmission line between Canada and Deerfield buried, but on Friday landowners said a decision two years ago to increase the buried portion to 60 miles was ill-conceived and based on political pressure rather than a thorough study.

Eversource NH Chief Quinlan On The Hot Seat At Northern Pass Hearing

CONCORD — Eversource Energy researched what it would cost to bury the entire 192-mile Northern Pass transmission line proposed from Pittsburg to Deerfield, but decided the extra $1 billion price tag was just too much, according to William Quinlan, Eversource’s president of New Hampshire Operations.

More Than 80 NH Businesses Demand Northern Pass Burial

A petition signed by nearly 90 small and local businesses from throughout New Hampshire calling for full burial of the proposed Northern Pass project has been delivered to Governor Sununu and New Hampshire’s Site Evaluation Committee.