Hydro-Quebec and Natural Gas Back On Eversource Table

CONCORD — Eversource informed the Public Utilities Commission Monday that it will file a revised proposal to purchase natural gas capacity from the Access Northeast proposed pipeline. Eversource also asked regulators to vacate their order denying a Power Purchase Agreement with Hydro-Quebec included in the Northern Pass Transmission proposal.

New Los Alamos Contractor Includes Same Manager Fired for Safety Problems

The Department of Energy said it would seek new leadership for Los Alamos National Laboratory. But the University of California is still there, even after mismanagement caused it to lose its contract to run the lab — twice. The contract could be worth upward of $25 billion over the next decade, with hundreds of millions of dollars more in performance-based bonus fees.

Did NH Supreme Court Miss ‘The Forest for the Trees’ In Eversource Gas Case?

The PUC’s October 2016 decision prevented Eversource from entering a 20-year agreement with Algonquin Gas that would have expanded an existing natural gas pipeline through the Access Northeast project. The PUC said the proposal violated the state’s electric deregulation statutes, but the court disagreed.

Justice Souter Is Still a Ratepayer’s Rock Star 30 Years Later in PSNH Case

The date was August 5, 1988.  Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH) had recently declared bankruptcy, the first electric utility in the U.S. to do that since the Great Depression.  The crushing debt and massive cost overruns associated with the Seabrook nuclear power plant had sucked PSNH dry.