McPhaul Responds to Sununu on Northern Pass

Dolly McPhaul: I would like to address Governor Sununu’s comments in an August 24, article. He stated people need to understand the permitting process for energy companies before making statements about Northern Pass.

Eversource Asks PUC To Conceal Fiscal Info On Berlin Biomass Plant

Eversource is asking the state’s Public Utilities Commission not to disclose an estimate of when consumers will have paid $100 million extra for the electricity Eversource buys from the Burgess BioPower plant in Berlin. That information would provide a look at the plant’s long-term viability.

Better Than Biking the Kancamagus on Your Harley

Power to the People: Experiencing the Kancamagus Highway via motorcycle is exhilarating. But what would provide year-round excitement is longterm savings on my energy bill through the achievement of a dream officially sanctioned by the Public Utilities Commission last year – that of all cost-effective energy efficiency.