Pressure Mounts As Northern Pass Hearings Continue

The Pessamit Innu First Nation of Quebec will speak out against the controversial Northern Pass project and National Grid’s recently announced transmission project is holding “community meetings” hoping to also import electricity from Canada to the New England power grid.

OP-ED: DOT Should Follow NH Law for Northern Pass Burial Route

OP-ED: The selection of smaller state roads has been fraught with challenges that would be absent in the Route 93 corridor. Smaller roads such as Route 116 in Franconia and Easton are simply too narrow to accommodate burial of HVDC lines without encroachment upon private property.

Northern Pass Opponents Dominate SEC Hearing

Opponents outnumbered supporters among the 30 or so speakers, but not by the 10-to-one ratio in 1,300 plus written comments submitted to the committee.