‘No Ordinary Time’ Is No Ordinary Book

If you like history, if you like reading, if you want to know about the years that Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt lived in the White House, you will love reading this book.

Nashua’s Academy for Science and Design Faces Merrimack Feb. 17

Playing for the Academy for Science and Design are captain Jakob Blair, Ed Carl, Akshat Thapa, and Jonah Rivers, as well as alternates Michael Lai and Ella Blanchard. They are coached by Douglass Belley. The Merrimack Tomahawks are represented by captain Scott Peyton, Alex Jobin, Nick Marcus, and Sophie Kim, with alternates Eric Hilton and Troy Church. They are coached by Sara Campbell.

ACLU NH: AG Is Wrong About Ed. Savings Accounts, SB 193

ACLU NH:  If the Attorney General’s Office wishes to render a legal opinion on the constitutionality of legislation, there is a public process of doing so under RSA 7:7.  All such opinions must be, for the sake of transparency and accountability, made available to all legislators, as well as members of the public, so informed decisions can be made.