Covid Conversations – Dr. Christine Arsnow on Vaccinations for Kids

Nancy West and Beverly Stoddart are joined by Concord pediatrician Dr. Christine Arsnow. She is vice president of the New Hampshire Chapter of the American Pediatric Society. Get information first-hand from the experts to keep you and your family safe.

Report: SAU 16 Pandemic Prom Vaccine Marks a ‘Disturbing Failure’

“The fact that supervising SAU 16 staff did not stop the contact tracing procedure, despite having acknowledged receiving the email from the Superintendent informing all staff that they were not to ask students about their vaccine status, is a very disturbing failure to protect students,” the statement reads.

Two New Hampshire Schools Receive National Blue Ribbon Status

The New Hampshire Department of Education is pleased to announce that two New Hampshire schools have been awarded as 2021 National Blue Ribbon Schools. Grantham Village School in Grantham and Memorial Elementary School in Bedford were named to this coveted list of schools being recognized for their exemplary high performance in academics.