What Has 11 Democrats, 6 Republicans and 1 Libertarian?

The First Congressional District race to replace U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, who is not seeking re-election. And another 7 Republicans and 2 Libertarians seeking their parties’ nominations for the Second Congressional District seat held by Democratic incumbent Ann McLane Kuster of Hopkinton.
Who has a million dollar campaign war chest?

The world may soon be awash in advanced, lethal drones

A report for the Joint Chiefs of Staff warns that rapidly proliferating large military drones will give enemies vastly more data and firepower.

Hydro-Quebec and Natural Gas Back On Eversource Table

CONCORD — Eversource informed the Public Utilities Commission Monday that it will file a revised proposal to purchase natural gas capacity from the Access Northeast proposed pipeline. Eversource also asked regulators to vacate their order denying a Power Purchase Agreement with Hydro-Quebec included in the Northern Pass Transmission proposal.