As Wait Times Got Longer, Sununu Opened 4 New Vaccination Sites Tuesday

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Standing in line for three hours for a jab they never got were from left, Rory LeBlanc, Fiona LeBlanc, Rowan LeBlanc, neighbor Erin Hershey holding baby Delia LeBlanc, and Meg LeBlanc, all of Campton.


PLYMOUTH – Demand for COVID-19 vaccinations and booster shots have increased so much recently that many people have complained about long waits, prompting Gov. Chris Sununu to open four new fixed sites on Tuesday.

Elementary school student Fiona LeBlanc and her family from Campton waited three hours Monday night at the Common Man event room in Plymouth and didn’t end up getting what they came for.

The fixed sites will be for walk-ins only in Berlin, Plymouth, Claremont and Rochester. See schedule below along with other vaccination information.

“With the winter surge upon us, we are opening every door of opportunity, including additional vaccination sites, so that New Hampshire residents can take proactive steps to help themselves, their friends, and their neighbors stay healthy,” Sununu said in a news release.

State Sen. Tom Sherman D-Rye, who is also a physician, said he is encouraged that Sununu is opening new fixed sites, but wonders if it will be enough given the ongoing demand and increased eligible pool that now includes children.

“And the severity of this surge which is having a devastating impact on the provider community, especially hospitals. We should make every effort to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible,” Sherman said. “I would consider reinstituting the incredibly successful large mega vaccination sites at the Speedway or other locations over the next three weeks.” asked Sununu’s spokesman if that was a possibility, but he did not respond.

Fiona LeBlanc stood with her younger siblings and mother in line for three hours Monday for her COVID-19 shot only to be turned away as she approached the long-awaited counter.

She and others were told there were enough vaccines available but that they had received word that the clinic, due to end at 7 p.m., must stop offering vaccines.

They ceased operations at about 7:23 p.m., with Plymouth police arriving just in case it got ugly, with about 15 people behind Fiona left standing in line.

 It did not get ugly but there was a lot of disappointment, including Fiona’s mother, Meg LeBlanc, a nurse who was trying to get her booster and never did get it Monday night. “That is not right,” she said.

State Department of Health and Human Services officials said both clinics and fixed sites are facing a large volume of people interested in getting the shots as the holidays approach and news spreads about the Omicron variant and the Delta variant spreading the highly contagious respiratory virus.

In addition to these fixed sites, pharmacies are being inundated with requests and are scheduling out for appointments right now into the last week of December.

For vaccination registration and information visit

The new fixed sites are walk-ins only. No appointments will be scheduled. Wait times may be expected.

The following fixed sites are currently open:

Location: The Chalet at 161 East Milan Road
Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm Saturday: 9am – 2pm Sunday: Closed

Location: The Common Man Event Room at 231 Main Street
Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm Saturday: 9am – 2pm Sunday: Closed

Location: Former NH State Liquor Store at 367 Washington Street
Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm Saturday: 9am – 2pm Sunday: Closed

The following site opens later this week:

ROCHESTER: Opens Thursday, December 9
Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm Saturday: 9am – 2pm Sunday: Closed  

For more information about the sites, including dates sites will be closed for the holidays, visit

To find appointment-based vaccinations, visit

To find where the state’s vaccine van will be, visit and click “Find the van.”

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