Redistricting Committee Chair Responds To Claims of Non-Transparency

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Rep. Barbara Griffin, R-Goffstown

Concord, NH: Special Committee on Redistricting Chairman Barbara Griffin (R-Goffstown) and Vice Chairman Steven Smith (R-Charlestown) released the following statement regarding claims of non-transparency in redistricting process:

It is unfortunate that Ray Buckley was unable to observe the work of the Redistricting committee, even though in-person and live streaming access was provided. Yesterday, the bipartisan Special Committee on Redistricting held their third public meeting for a work session to learn how to use a mapping tool that will assist the committee in drawing districts, and unanimously adopted the 2020 census data and agreed on the process moving forward.

Consistent with the practice used when Democrats held the majority, public comment is received when specific bills are being considered. Work sessions are not open for public comment, and allow the committee to get other work done, but still allow public observation. Despite the misinformation put out by our counterparts, this committee took the time to discuss the process by which public comment would be received throughout the State. 

Contrary to the shutdown of legislative process that occurred when the Democrats were in charge, House Republicans have taken the time to ensure this open process occurs and is as transparent as possible with live streaming, public access to meetings, and easy electronic access to committee members and materials though the Committee website.  Despite what the Democrats would have you believe; we will be holding public input sessions in all ten counties to provide constituents an opportunity to interact with us in person and to be heard.

All meetings will be public, and all committee members are accessible for questions, comments, or concerns. Republicans know we are citizen legislators and will respect the redistricting process through transparent, thoughtful, and open interaction, with our Democratic committee members and most importantly, the constituents we serve.

The Public is encouraged to find out more about the NH Redistricting Process, view the 2020 Census Data, and find meeting minutes and recordings on our Committee website. Individual committee members can be reached by clicking on Committee Mailing List, and comments, concerns or questions can be sent to the full committee email.

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