Roger Wood Talks With Sandy Hook Promise Founder

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Mark Barden is pictured with Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey

Perhaps we are too complacent when we think about the recent school shootings in Florida, Colorado, Connecticut, Texas and now Idaho? There are, sadly, many other states suffering from such violence. We hope it doesn’t happen here, but hope is not enough to prevent such tragedies.

That’s exactly why Mark Barden formed the Sandy Hook Promise organization. His son Daniel was one of the 20 students and six adult staffers killed during a shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The shooter then took his own life. That is the case in many of such acts. Roger Wood talked to Barden, and he was outgoing about his personal grieving as well as his commitment to helping students, parents, teachers, and administrators minimize the chance for such tragedies.

Mark Barden is the father of Daniel who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy on Dec., 14, 2012

Mark Barden is co-founder and managing director of Sandy Hook Promise, where he focuses on policy and outreach efforts to advance sensible solutions that will prevent future tragedies and spare other families the pain of losing a child to gun violence.  

Mark’s belief that thoughtful, sincere dialogue will lead us to shared common ground set him on a path he never anticipated.  His journey has taken him from introducing President Obama in the Rose Garden after the 2013 Universal Background Checks vote to meetings with members of the U.S. Congress, media interviews on every major network, and speaking engagements before civic groups, religious organizations, high school and college audiences and more — all focused on creating a safer future for our children and communities.  Read Mark’s recent testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence.

Roger Wood bio

Roger Wood is an award winning radio, newspaper and television journalist, with over 40 years of experience in the media.   Roger has spent his entire professional career in New Hampshire. Roger currently serves as associate publisher at  He has produced news and special feature reports for InDepthNH, New Hampshire Public Radio, NPR, and other Public and commercial radio stations.  He also produced spot news for CBS Radio.

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