Investigators To Examine Social Media in Barron Murder Case

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Armando Barron and Britany Barron (Cheshire County House Of Corrections)


Prosecutors are expected to start looking for evidence in social media posts connected to Britany Barron, Armando Barron, and Jonathan Amerault, according to court records.

Armando Barron, 30, of Jaffrey, shot and killed Amerault, 25, of Keene, in September after he discovered the relationship between Amerault and Britany Barron, 31. Armando Barron then allegedly forced his wife to saw the head off of Amerault’s dead body.

According to a scheduling proposal filed by Senior Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Agati, investigators have not yet looked at social media information but were expected to start doing that soon.

“Investigators continue to analyze what institutions, if any, — including certain social media entities—to seek records from,” Agati wrote. “The State has inquired, and investigators anticipate seeking certain social media records in the coming weeks.”

Armando Barron’s legal team complained to the court that no social media information was included in the discovery provided so far. For example, the full autopsy report was initially shared to the wrong folder in the state’s file management system and was not available to the defense. Agati said that has been corrected.

Similarly, Agati said the state tried to share the cell records in the case to the defense, but the data is too large for the online file sharing system. Instead, the data will be put on external disks and sent to the defense.

“The State informed defense that the discs would be downloaded onto external hard drives and mailed to them,” Agati wrote. “The State has purchased large external hard drives in order to facilitate this transfer. As of today, the State is still awaiting the delivery of those external hard drives.”

 Cell phone data and social media may be key to the case evidence. Armando Barron allegedly discovered his wife’s relationship with Amerault by looking at messages on her phone, according to court records. After savagely beating her, he used her phone to lure Amerault to a state park in Jaffrey on Sept. 19, 2020, according to court records.

 At the park, Armando Barron allegedly beat Amerault and tried to get Britany Barron to kill him, according to police reports. Armando Barron allegedly shot Amerault three times before he forced his wife to cut the dead man’s head off with a saw, according to police reports.

 After Amerault’s mother reported her son missing on Sept. 21, 2020, police soon connected him to Britany Barron, who had called her job that day to tell a co-worker she quit and was moving, according to police reports. Investigators describe using the cell phone data on Armando and Britany Barron’s cell phones to track their movements, finding that the couple drove up to Coos County.

Fish and Game officers would end up finding Britany Barron at a campsite in Atkinson and Gilmanton Academy Grant.

 After tracking her last cell phone signal to Errol, according to court records, she told police that her husband planned to return to the campsite, and police stopped him as he was driving in Coos County, according to court records.

 Both Britany and Armando Barron are being held without bail, though Britany Barron is seeking release and has a bail hearing scheduled for Feb. 22.

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