Kuster: Lawmakers in Riot ‘Safe’ Room Possibly Exposed to COVID-19

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Screenshot of video taken by Punchbowl News of the safe room at the Capitol during the riot Wednesday of Republicans who refused to wear face masks.


CONCORD – U.S. Rep. Ann Kuster and other members of the House and staff may have been exposed to COVID-19 while they were huddled together for hours in a safe room away from a mob trying to seize control of the Capitol last week, according to an NBC report Kuster shared on Facebook.

“When the Capitol was invaded by pro-Trump terrorists on Wednesday, those of us who were in the chamber during the insurrection were evacuated to a secure location,” Kuster said on Facebook.

Kuster, D-NH, said while there together for hours waiting for the Capitol to be secured at least half a dozen Republican colleagues refused to wear masks.

“One of my colleagues offered them masks – face coverings are required inside the Capitol complex – but they refused. Now, we have been informed that members and staff may have been exposed to someone with an active COVID-19 infection while we sought safety in that room. It’s difficult to comprehend this level of absurdity and the lack of regard for the health and wellbeing of others,” Kuster wrote.

Dr. Brian Monahan, a U.S. Capitol physician, told NBC news that during the pro-Trump attack those who were together in a large conference room “may have been exposed to another occupant with the coronavirus.”

The online news outlet Punchbowl posted this video taken last Wednesday during the siege showing some Congressmen being offered face masks to protect themselves and others from the virus and refusing them. PUNCHBOWL video

CNN reported that Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, a Delaware Democrat, was shown offering the mask-less group blue surgical masks.

CNN identified the Republicans in the safe room who refused masks as Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, Texas Rep. Michael Cloud and California Rep. Doug LaMalfa.

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