Volinsky Congratulates Feltes

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Megan Arsenault photo

Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky, D-Concord.

Email Andru Volinsky sent to supporters:

This morning, Amy still hugged me because she loves me and worries about me. The animals still needed feeding and watering. The sun shone brightly.

Amy and I are at peace. Now is the time to act with humility and congratulate Dan and Nick Taylor and to wish them well in the November election against Chris Sununu, the governor from Eversource. With every veto, Sununu shows he has failed the state as he stops bipartisan legislation over and over again.

Last September, some people sensed that I was hesitant to begin a run for Governor. I do not lack for confidence and I always knew the message that I wanted to put forward. What concerned me was that I could do damage to the people and issues I most care about if I lost. That is what I was assessing. What would happen if I lost?

Well, we have lost—we went up against a well-oiled money raising machine that spent twice as much as we did to win by only a few thousand votes. They may have won, but here is what we accomplished:

We broke the Pledge. Mr. Loeb and Mr. Thomson can now rest in peace and the leaders of our state can finally have that honest conversation about how we pay for our schools, allow seniors to grow old in their homes and help small businesses to begin and flourish all across our state. We have many to thank for this, including the NEA and educators all across our state.

Second, we have shown that NH does not support the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure and that our state is ready to move to a renewable future. Here, we must thank the Sierra Club, 350.org, the Sunrise Movements and most importantly, NH’s Youth Movement.

Third, we proved that we can raise the money to be competitive through small dollar donations. You don’t need to be rich to affect the process of elections. Member-led organizations like Rights and Democracy proved their value here.

I owe special thanks to the State Employees Union, the Postal Workers Union, my staff, led by Irene Lin, to our interns and our super volunteers. We have made connections—YOU and I, that will never be broken. We are a force to be reckoned with. I love you all.


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