Podcast: Meredith Practitioner Talks Sound Healing

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Shannon VanSickle

Wayne D. King interviews Shannon VanSickle who practices in Meredith.

Wayne King’s podcast features his special blend of social commentary, political prodding and questioning that only a self-described recovering politician can bring to public discourse in today’s world.
Wayne D. King, NH Secrets Legend and Lore

Shannon VanSickle has traveled to the far reaches of South America to learn more about ancient medicines and religions. Today, she practices Sound Healing at the Grace Wellness Center in Meredith, New Hampshire.

For 3,000 years or more Tibetan monks and Indigeneous Shamans in Peru and others have used sound as a means of healing. Shannon demonstrates techniques and discusses her own personal journey as well as the natural skepticism that many might have to this alternative therapy.

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