Opinion: Susan Dromey Heeter on a Bad Idea

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Editor’s Note: Susan Dromey Heeter takes off her columnist hat and shares her opinion as a parent and educator.


Years ago, Saturday Night Live did a skit called, “Bad Idea Jeans.”  In it, characters wore jeans labeled, “Bad Idea Jeans” and for the commercial parody, suggested ideas that, of course, were bad ideas. 

In the parody, Kevin Nealon remarks, “We just got our apartment and are gutting it – ripped up the floors, pipes, wiring, having everything completely re-done.”  David Spade asks, “You’re renting, right?”  Kevin Nealon’s character nods, “Yeah.” 

The camera then shifts to the Bad Idea Jeans’ label placed strategically in the crack of the jeans.

Bad Idea Jeans.

Mike Myers’ character announces, “Now that I have kids, I feel a lot better with a gun in the house.”

Bad Idea Jeans.

You get the idea.

Today I hope that perhaps, Bad Idea Jeans, will not be the meme when it comes back to fully reopening schools, to inviting ALL students back into classrooms.  

What could possibly go wrong during a PANDEMIC?

Bad Idea Jeans.

Yeah, students will all stay socially distant, all staff and teachers will be fine.  Covid isn’t that bad in New Hampshire. Kids will use hand sanitizer, wash their hands, all parents will do before school Covid checks. No one will be anywhere NEAR Bike Week or anyone who went – two weeks before many schools re-open.

Bad Idea Jeans.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House Corona Virus Response Coordinator reported, “Some Americans who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic have unknowingly infected others in their household.  This can be especially dangerous if the virus eventually gets passed to elderly relatives or family with underlying health problems.”

But, you know?  I’m listening to my President who said TWENTY FOUR TIMES, “This virus will disappear.”

Bad Idea Jeans.

The suggestion of an entire reopening of schools DURING A PANDEMIC?  

Bad Idea Jeans are not only stone washed, they are fatal.

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