NH Gives Generosity, Thanks From InDepthNH.org

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BOB LaPree photo

The people who help make InDepthNH.org happen. From left Paula Tracy, Nancy West, Garry Rayno, Susan Dromey Heeter, Wayne King and Montana West.

I want to thank all of the people who donated to NH Gives for all of the nonprofit organizations and especially to InDepthNH.org.

Including the generous match from the NH Charitable Foundation, InDepthNH.org raised $7,512 from 99 donors. NH Gives raised $3,352,735 from 14,176 donors for 488 organizations.

The following list of donors to InDepthNH.org make my day. Thanks. If I missed your name, please call 603-738-5635.

Dan Wolf, Dave Taylor, Paul McEachern, Adolphe Bernotas, Douglas Hall,
Charles Perkins and Linda Burroughs, Sara and Duncan Wood,
 Howard Moffett, Linda Gray, Sally Embley, Susan Holland,
 Lorna Landry,  R Arey, Douglas Lyon,  David Gibson, Susan Almy,
 George Bald,  Pamela Kelly,  Nancy Marashio,  Denis and Marsha Paiste,
 Frances Taylor, Lucy Weber, Grace Bird, Renny Cushing,  Patricia Gingrich,
 Kathleen Hoey,  Susan Moore,  Barbara McElroy,
 Leslie C Nixon and Lee C. Nyquist, David Gintz, Rich Mechaber,
Terrence William,  Campbell Mclaren,  Jill Shaffer Hammond,
 Faith Minton,  Beverly Cotton,  Marie Nardino,  Mary Wilke,
 Paul McDonough,  Kathleen Kelley,  Rory Gawler, Roger and Elaine Wood,
James Schlosser, Dan Fudala, T Stromberg, Martha McLeod, Sherry Dutzy,
Cotton Cleveland, Jacki Katzman, Rick and Kelly Gagliuso, Honey Hastings,
Michael Cahill, Nancy Driscoll, Cecie Hartigan, Alexis Eaton,
Kathryn Wallenstein, Thomas Oppel, Ruth Larson,  Frances Taylor,
 Laura Aronson,  Jean Eno,  Margo Connors,  Lynn and Gary Goodnough,
  Peter Hoe Burling,  Susan  Richman, DeLisanise Clark, Joel Huberman, Lisa Lovett, Michelle Bean.

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