A ‘New Old Immigrant,’ a Red Pickup and a First Vote at 77

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Carol Stanigar of Lebanon voted for the first time Tuesday in her 77 3/4 years.

Carol Stanigar of Lebanon is interviewed by Wayne D. King about her very first time at the voting booth on Tuesday at age 77.

Special edition of Wayne D. King’s podcast The Radical Centrist to celebrate the first-in-the-nation-primary and Carol Stanigar’s first time voting as a U.S. citizen at age 77.

A ‘New Old Immigrant,’ a Red Pickup and a Trump Voter and a Glimpse of the Real America

This morning at 4:34am Carol Stanigar of Lebanon, New Hampshire wrote this email to her friend Maryann in California.

Dearest Maryann,

I can always be sure that you will be cheering me on.
I am sure that people in San Francisco get all gussied up to vote but here in NH I’ll be wearing my uniform. A flannel shirt.

OMG! Im up before the sun. Sooooooo excited!

Can you STAND it: My Trumpster neighbor is going to take me to show me the ropes and to “make sure that nobody shoots me,” although I am contemplating making a sign to hang around my neck that says NEW OLD IMMIGRANT. 

Furthermore, he is going to take me in his pickup truck. All these years and I never did get a ride in one. God, I wish that I could ride in the back with my sign.
Oh, I did get his wife, who is going to be tending the event to agree to write-in Romney if she can’t bring herself to vote Democrat. Maybe Roy will too.

OMG! This brings back memories of my first day of school….running up Mountain View avenue with Nursie in full pursuit.

I was soooo excited. No, nervous. 

I wish that you could have seen Roy. I tried to take a picture but my camera failed me. 

He had the red Ford pickup with his HUGE moustache all gooped up and extending 2” on each side. Blue jeans and felt cowboy hat. 

I was so proud hanging onto his arm so I wouldn’t slip on the ice. You should have seen the look on a lot of the faces that knew Roy. OMG! I’m causing a small-town scandal. 

He walked me through the whole thing and insisted I wear my “I voted sticker” on my coat.

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