Opinion: Why I Switched My Support from Bernie to Warren

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Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. CNN screenshot

By David Van Houten of Bethlehem, NH

I have lived in Northern New Hampshire since the 1970s. Some of the radio stations I listened to were broadcast from Vermont, and for much of the last 30 years the most inspiring voice coming from Vermont has been that of Bernie Sanders.

His analysis of the political situation and dogged persistence in fighting for a government that works for all of us have made him a pivotal figure of our time. He has brought affordable health care, accessible education, bold action on the climate crisis, and many other sensible issues form the left-wing fringe to the center of our political discussion, and we should all be grateful to him for this.

I worked hard for Bernie in 2016, and am convinced that, if nominated, he would have won the national election and we would be living in a much better world. I believe that the time was right for Bernie in 2016, and that now, as advancing age catches up with us all, it is too late. I sincerely hope that Bernie lives a long and vigorous life and am concerned that we might not be wise to put someone in the White House who will be well into his 80s during his second term.

Would it not be better to elect someone with vitality, drive, and experience who will carry on the work Bernie has started? I suggest that Elizabeth Warren is just the person to do this. Just as Bernie’s time was 2016, the time is right for Warren in 2020; 2024 will be too late. Let’s not make the same mistake twice.

A more compelling reason why I support Elizabeth Warren is that it is long past time that we put a woman in the White House! After the fiasco of 2016, many women were motivated to stand up, say what was on their minds, and run for office. The overwhelming success of Progressive women in 2018 should indicate to all of us that it’s time for some real change, that women can win elections everywhere, and that once they get into office they get to work.

The disgraceful actions of the current administration make it clear that we need to not only remove the current occupant of the White House, but also win enough seats in the Senate to do away with the present leadership there. This is a tall order, and will require an energized body of new voters. My opinion is that those voters are most likely to be the women who will be inspired by a Warren candidacy. Many in this country have not been excited about supporting another aging white guy.

My first exposure to InDepthNH was during the Northern Pass proceedings. As an intervener I needed timely, complete up-to-date information and their reporting was a big help. You know that InDepthNH is the brainchild of an intrepid woman, right?  Women led the Northern Pass opposition, too. From kitchen tables and back porches to public hearings and legal proceedings, they rose up to fight for what they believed in. It was their creativity and determination that stopped that project, and we all need that kind of energy to set our government straight. I encourage everyone who might vote in Tuesday’s primary to cast your ballot for Elizabeth Warren.

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