Opinion: Mary Murphy Says Vote Tulsi as the ‘Real Deal’

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Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy is a former nurse practitioner who lives in New Hampshire.

I grew up near Boston and at an early age was drawn into politics because it was part of my family life.

The Kennedys were idolized, the first Catholic president, of course a Democrat and he was our candidate. I was a young child then but felt as we all did connected to him and the Democrats who could make the world a better place.

In my family circle there was the belief that the only good candidate was a Democratic candidate. The Democrats were “our people,” immigrants, hard-working. After moving to New Hampshire, I got to know more about Republican ideas as well.

Recently it has become clear that Republicans versus Democrats is not working well. The recent impeachment revealed many politicians as corrupt and self-serving – willing to do anything to preserve the status quo that serves them well.

I became aware of this four years ago through our last election and had really lost faith in the system.

But now we have Tulsi Gabbard!
She doesn’t seem to care about political shenanigans. She is a Democrat because she has always been a Democrat. Her father is a Democrat and served in Congress and Tulsi followed his lead. She wanted to serve the country she loves.

She doesn’t worry about whether she’s Republican or Democrat.

She does not belong to anything or anybody. She has no political action committees pulling her strings.

She is true to herself and is not afraid to cross party lines to the point of actually considering Republican thinking about important issues.

Tulsi was affected by 9/11 attacks as we all were, however at age 21 she acted on how she felt and joined the military to serve her country.

She has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and truly sees war from both sides now. She ran for Congress in her home state of Hawaii and has served in Congress for seven years and still continues to serve as a Major in the active military reserves and actually was required to deploy for two weeks service and had to leave her campaign.

She is the Real Deal
Does anyone understand why Hillary Clinton called this Patriot a Russian asset? Maybe you haven’t heard Hillary’s national smear campaign.

Tulsi’s service to her country and the American people has no compromise. This accusation by Hillary could not be unanswered and Tulsi is suing to set the record straight.
Tulsi has also introduced a bill to stop arming terrorists and supporting regime change wars. She has seen first-hand the loss of life and suffering on all sides. She sees a better way.

She is a woman of her word and I trust she can provide the courage to root out and shine a bright light on the corrupt and create positive changes to the status quo to satisfy both sides of the partisan deadlock which is preventing those who follow hard party lines from finding any common ground.

Tulsi is that force of nature who will be the leader who brings us all together.
Vote for Tulsi.

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