Updated. Deval Patrick To Meet With Gun Safety Advocates, But No Press Allowed

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Deval Patrick and his wife Diane are pictured on Nov. 14, 2019, when he signed up to run in the New Hampshire primary at the Secretary of State's Office in Concord.

Editor’s note: Deval Patrick sent the following news release to the media on Sunday saying the meeting Monday with Moms Demand Action is closed to the press, adding he will hold a press availability after the meeting. InDepthNH.org asked the campaign if members of the public are allowed to attend this meeting and why it is closed to the press. We also asked if Deval Patrick is elected president if he will hold meetings on important public policy issues that are closed to the press. This release will be updated when the questions are answered.

UPDATED at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 12 with the following comments from Wyatt Ronan, Patrick’s New Hampshire campaign manager:

“The meeting itself is closed to the press and was before the governor agreed to join the event. The governor is excited to meet with Moms Demand Action Seacoast chapter members to share his plan for combating gun violence and delivering on gun safety laws and wants to do so respecting the parameters of the group,” said Wyatt Ronan, Patrick’s New Hampshire state campaign director.

Ronan said it was his understanding that while the press cannot attend the meeting, the meeting is open to the general public.

Deval Patrick press release:

Deval Patrick to meet with gun safety advocates during January 13 visit to New Hampshire

MANCHESTER, NH — On Monday, January 13, Governor Deval Patrick will return to New Hampshire where he will meet with common sense gun safety advocates with the Seacoast group of Moms Demand Action in New Hampshire.

Governor Patrick has a record of leading on gun safety. In 2014, he signed a nation-leading gun safety law that closed the “gun show loophole” in Massachusetts, added Massachusetts to the National Instant Check System, and made Massachusetts the first state in the nation to grant local police chiefs the ability to withhold a firearm identification card from a resident who poses a threat to public safety. 

On Friday, Governor Patrick unveiled his Democracy Agenda, which prioritizes reducing the influence of money and special interests in politics so that elected leaders can finally take action on gun reform.

The Moms Demand Action meeting will not be open to the press, but Governor Patrick will hold an availability after the meeting’s conclusion.

Monday, January 13th

WHAT: Moms Demand Action Meeting

WHEN: 6:00 PM ET

WHERE: Stratham, NH


WHAT: Media Availability

WHEN: 6:45 PM ET

WHERE: Wiggins Memorial Library, 10 Bunker Hill Ave, Stratham, NH 03885

*INTERESTED MEDIA SHOULD RSVP TO press@devalpatrick2020.com*

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