New Year Thoughts and Resolutions on NH Fly Fishing

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George Liset, Writing on the Fly


    The start of a new year allows one to look back at the past year and look forward to the new one to come. In looking back at this past year, I have chronicled much of it in articles and pictures, the perks of being a writer.

    I remember breaking out my new fly rod just after the New Year on the Merrymeeting River. The day was supposed to have been above freezing and looked promising since there was some open water.

When I arrived, the temperature was hovering at a brisk 33 degrees, but with a wind chill temperature of 18 degrees. I learned a lot about making icicles with my fly line and winter fishing that day.

    There were many highlights from this past year. My annual trip up to Pittsburg fishing the Trophy Stretch and the surrounding waters was one. The New Hampshire Fish and Game and the town of Pittsburg make it a great fly-fishing experience.

    When it comes to New Year’s resolutions I am all over the map. I used to be very concrete sequential about resolutions in the past.

For example, I would say I am going to go to Wyoming and fly fish this year, or I am going to go fishing once a week this year. The intent was nice and maybe a little ambitious, but probably not realistic.

For those of you who have jobs and or families, you know that life happens, and that the best laid plans are sometimes thwarted. So, I have taken a different tact on resolutions.

    My new resolutions are more reasonable and attainable. This year one of my resolutions is to try and fish new waters.

This one is a hold-over from last year. Last year I fished a number of new rivers with some success. Some of those waters I will return to this year. Some of the new rivers I would like to try are up north and will require an overnight or two.

    The resolution to fish more is always a challenge. The biggest obstacle is the weather. I am always checking the Weather Channel to find a day that looks fishable.

Then I look at my “To Do” calendar for conflicts. Sometimes it is like trying to roll “Snake Eyes” with dice. Some days you have more luck than others. Hopefully, I will have more luck this year.

    As I look forward to the New Year, I look forward to the possibilities. It is good to have resolutions. Resolutions are like goals that you strive for, but I also know that “Life Happens!”

I like to think of this as a good thing. Some of the most enjoyable fishing trips are unplanned. The friend who calls up and tells you they have access to a cabin on fishy water for the weekend or a friend who has a boat and wants to take you striper fishing. I am doing better with being a little more open and flexible when opportunities present themselves.

    So, as the New Year lurches forward and you start following through on your resolutions, be open to letting life happen. Be open to bringing your fly rod everywhere you go and let fly fishing happen!

 Happy New Year and may your New Year be one long trip, fishing trip that is.

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