When Hope & History Rhyme: Marilla Ricker Suffragist and Republican

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Marilla Marks (Nee: Young) Ricker, Artist Kate Gridley

Wayne D. King interviews Catherine O’Brien about her documentary True Light: the Life of Marilla Ricker for his podcast New Hampshire Secrets, Legends and Lore. Ricker was New Hampshire’s first woman lawyer.

Marilla Marks Ricker (1840-1920) was a suffragist, philanthropist, lawyer, and freethinker. She made significant and lasting contributions to the issues of women’s rights and irreligion through her actions and her writings.

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Documentary by Catherine O’Brien

Notes from YouTube: Marilla Ricker (1840 – 1920) New Hampshire’s first woman lawyer, Marilla Ricker was certified to try cases in front of the US Supreme Court and even ran for state governor, but she was still unable to vote. Across America, the suffragist movement followed close behind the abolitionist movement. Women like Ricker worked tirelessly to gain the voting rights, and Ricker was reportedly the first woman in NH to attempt to register to vote. A property owner in Dover, NH, Ricker believed that, if she paid property taxes, she should be able to vote. For 50 years, Ricker tried to vote in every election. In 1920, the year Ricker died, women received that right. Born in New Durham, NH, Ricker was known especially for her work in prison reform and for her religious writings. Ricker was distinct as a lawyer in her time — and in any other — because she worked for her clients for free.

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