Catch the Candidates Coming To NH This Week

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John Delaney for President photo

Below is your handy guide to which 2020 candidates are headed to NH next (7 in the next week, including a few new ones!)  


  • Mayor Wayne Messam in Raymond (Thurs 5/2, 6pm, Tucker Lodge #99, RSVP)
  • Gov. John Hickenlooper Economic Address (Fri 5/3, 1:15pm, St. A’s, RSVP)
  • Gov. John Hickenlooper at Stonyfield (Fri 5/3, 3pm, Stonyfield, RSVP)
  • John Delaney Roundtable in Manchester (Fri 5/10, 3:30pm, The Bookery, RSVP)
  • John Delaney Town Hall in Hollis (Fri 5/10, 7pm, Hollis Town Hall, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Town Hall in Hollis (Sat 5/11, 12pm, Lawrence Barn, RSVP)


  • John Delaney in Tilton (Thurs 5/9, 4pm, Tilt’n Diner, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang in Concord (Fri 5/10, 11:30am, Revelstoke, RSVP)
  • John Delaney in Concord (Sat 5/11, 11:30am, House Party, RSVP for details)


  • Rep. Seth Moulton in Dalton w/Coos Dems (Sat 5/4, 3pm, Old Town Hall, RSVP)
  • John Delaney in Tilton (Thurs 5/9, 4pm, Tilt’n Diner, RSVP)
  • John Delaney in Franklin (Sat 5/11, 1:30pm, House Party, RSVP)


  • Julian Castro in Newmarket (Mon 5/6, 4:30pm, Crackskull’s Books)
  • Julian Castro in Dover (Mon 5/6, 6:30pm, Flight Coffee, RSVP)
  • John Delaney in Somersworth (Thurs 5/9, 7pm, Teatotaller, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang in Portsmouth (Fri 5/10, 6pm, Gas Light, RSVP)
  • John Delaney in Hampton (Sat 5/11, 8:30am, Hobbs House, RSVP)


  • Rep. Seth Moulton in Salem (Sat 5/3, 12pm, House Party, RSVP)
  • John Delaney in Pelham (Fri 5/10, 5:30pm, House Party, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang in Windham (Sat 5/11, 3pm, Searles School & Chapel, RSVP)
  • John Delaney in Londonderry (Sat 5/11, 4pm, Rock Dems Office, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang in Milford (Sat 5/11, 6:30pm, UU Church, RSVP)


  • Hillary Clinton* foreign affairs talk at Dartmouth (Wed 5/8, 4:45pm, Hopkins Ctr)
  • Andrew Yang at Dartmouth  (Thurs 5/9, 5:30pm, Beta House, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang in Lebanon  (Thurs 5/9, 7pm, Lebanon Gazebo, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang in Claremont (Sat 5/11, 9am, Sugar River Valley RTC, RSVP)
  • Bill Weld in White River Junction (Sat 5/11, 3pm, Hartford HS, RSVP)


  • Gov. John Hickenlooper Keene Town Hall (Sat 5/4, 11am, KSC Young Student Ctr, RSVP)

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