IHoP-NH: You Might Run Into Joe Kwasnik in the Hallways of Power

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Paula Tracy photo

Joe Kwasnik of Concord

IHoP-NH – In the Hallways oPower-NH

Paula Tracy

InDepthNH.org’s Paula Tracy talks every week with people from around New Hampshire who come to the State House and Legislative Office Building in Concord about why they do so.

We call her video column In the Hallways oPower, IHoP-NH.

Joe Kwasnik of Concord
Video by Paula Tracy, InDepthNH.org


CONCORD – Joe Kwasnik cares about energy, education, climate change and more. Paula Tracy caught up with Joe recently in the halls of the State House showing lawmakers his position on the 10-year mental health plan.

Paula Tracy has more than 30 years of experience as a news reporter. A graduate of the University of New Hampshire’s writing program with a minor in local government studies, she spent five years as a daily reporter in Massachusetts before returning to her native state where she worked for 25 years as a senior staff reporter for the New Hampshire Union Leader, then for several years at WMUR.

A resident of Center Harbor, Paula Tracy will be looking for you In the Hallways oPower in Concord. Contact Tracy at paulatracy6@gmail.com.

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