House Republicans Disapprove of Dems’ Plastic Bag, Straw Restriction Bills

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CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued statements on two sets of bills that had public hearings Wednesday dealing with restrictions on plastic bags, straws, and other plastics.

House Commerce Committee:

HB 560-FN, relative to single-use carryout bags
HB 558-FN, restricting the distribution of plastic straws

“Democrats don’t appear to trust businesses or consumers to make responsible decisions on their own. They would rather rely on government imposed restrictions and fines to get their desired outcome. Bags and straws are not the enemy, nanny-state regulations like these bills are,” Hinch said.

House Municipal & County Committee:

HB 102, relative to municipal ordinances regarding the use of plastics.

HB 559, enabling municipalities to ban single-use sources of plastic pollution.

“Small businesses turned out in droves to oppose these bills. They may be enabling legislation, but they can potentially disable a business’s ability to make decisions that best suit them and their consumers.”

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