Sununu Budget Tease: Education Funding, Secure Psychiatric Unit, No New Tax

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Evan Lips photo

Gov. Chris Sununu

Gov. Chris Sununu’s office issued this news release about Thursday’s Budget Address:

Please see below for select quotes mentioned in Governor Sununu’s Budget Address tomorrow. A sampling of issues Governor Sununu will highlight include growing the State’s Rainy Day Fund to historic levels of funding, the state’s plan for moving the civilly committed population at the SPU out of the State Prison, targeted school building aid funding, student loan assistance initiatives, and initiatives focused on improving the lives of Granite State children.


“I present to you today a fiscally responsible budget — one without gimmicks or empty promises, and one without an income tax, a sales tax or new taxes of any kind — a true New Hampshire budget.”

“In keeping with our Live-Free-or-Die spirit, this budget is continuing the schedule of business tax reductions. Tax relief works — and tax relief grows our economy. High taxes come at a high cost: the erosion of our state’s economic competitiveness and we should not, and cannot turn back now.”

“The education of our children is one of the foundational opportunities government can provide. A quality education opens doors, and a zip code cannot, and should not, define a child’s chance at success. So today, I am proud to announce that my budget focuses investment in the education of New Hampshire’s kids.”

“We have offered a budget free of gimmicks and politics. We have made hard choices that put Granite Staters first and values work and investment. But this speech is not the end of the discussion. In fact, the conversations are just beginning. I look forward to working collaboratively with all 424 of you in the months ahead to design a fiscally responsible budget that puts the needs of our citizens front and center.”

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