PUC Warns Electric Customers To Watch Out for Scam

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CONCORD – The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission is warning electric utility customers about a recent scam. Customers report receiving calls from individuals claiming to represent the customer’s utility company.

The caller offers the customer a 30% discount on the customer’s utility bill. The caller may also say that the discount is part of a state program for senior citizens who are not receiving other state assistance.

Customers expressing an interest could find that their electric energy supplier has been switched from their utility to another entity without their knowledge and at a higher price.

These calls are not coming from New Hampshire utility companies. “If you receive a call from someone who says they can save you money on your utility bill, ask them what company they represent,” stated Amanda Noonan, the Commission’s Director of Consumer Services. “Then check the list on the Commission’s website – www.puc.nh.gov – to see if the company is registered in the state.”

Noonan also suggested customers review the comparison shopping page on the Commission’s website, which allows customers to compare the energy
service prices offered by suppliers to those of the utility, as well as information also on the website on what to consider when choosing an electric energy supplier. Customers can also call their utility using the telephone number listed on their utility bill if they receive a phone call and are concerned that it was actually from their utility company.

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