Congressman Chris Pappas responds to President Trump’s national address

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U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas, D-NH

Washington D.C. – President Trump issued a national address tonight in the midst of an 18-day government shutdown with no end in sight. While the President is refusing to budge, the House has passed bills to re-open the government and pay the 800,000 federal workers who have gone weeks without pay. The House is now waiting on the Senate, which is refusing to to take up the same legislation that it overwhelmingly approved in December.

Congressman Chris Pappas issued the following statement:

“President Trump failed to offer a path forward to end the shutdown, which is now in its 18th day. I believe we must invest in border security, including technology and manpower, and I believe a bipartisan majority in Congress agrees. But a border wall is a waste of taxpayer dollars and is an arcane solution to a 21st century problem. We need to end the shutdown now and get to work on the priorities of the nation, including border security and immigration reform. Rather than making us safer, this shutdown is weakening our country and creating financial distress for 800,000 federal workers. More Americans will be hurt the longer this stalemate goes on. Congress must pass appropriations bills that will end this sad chapter in American politics, and I hope we can get them approved with bipartisan votes as soon as possible.”

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