OPINION: SOS Candidate Peter Sullivan Questions Opponents Gardner, Van Ostern

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Peter Sullivan, candidate for Secretary of State

By Peter Sullivan

Candidate for Secretary of State Peter Sullivan today challenged his opponents, Bill Gardner and Colin Van Ostern, to clarify their views on reforming the political process and issued the following statement:

Throughout my campaign, I have strongly advocated meaningful reforms to reform and strengthen our political process. I have voiced my support for fundamental changes that will restore balance to our civic life, reduce the role of special interest money, and strengthen the voices of average citizens. Bill and Colin have largely been silent. I am challenging both Bill and Colin to answer a few basic questions:

Do you support passage of a publicly financed Clean Elections Law for candidates for the NH State Senate and the Executive Council?

Do you support the development of an Automatic Voter Registration system in New Hampshire?

Do you support a ban on direct corporate contributions to state candidates?

Do you support changing the current law which allows political action committees to donate greater amounts than individual citizens?

Do you support national efforts to amend the Constitution to correct the damage wrought by decisions such as Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo?

The legislators who will vote for the next Secretary of State deserve to know where the candidates stand.  I have made my support for these reforms clear. I am the only candidate to have signed the American Promise pledge. I hope that Bill and Colin will make their views known.

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