IBEW Local 104 Supports Re-Election of Governor Sununu

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Barrington, NH – The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 104 today endorsed the re-election of Governor Chris Sununu citing his focus on creating jobs, championing job training programs and supporting first responders.

 “We are proud to offer our full support to Governor Sununu,” said Brian Murphy, Business Manager of IBEW Local 104.  “We have been impressed with his focus on keeping our local communities safe, his support for New Hampshire citizens whose jobs put them in the line of danger, and his willingness to support training programs for New Hampshire citizens seeking careers in the electrical industry.”

Murphy said NH electrical lineworkers are first responders to many natural disasters, storm outages and other emergency events, and, when those situations arise, it is critical that lineworkers have confidence in state government leaders.

 “When you are outside working with powerlines in the snow, ice and wind, it is good to know that your governor and his administration supports you – and is willing to do what it takes to get you back home safely,” said Murphy.  “That is Governor Sununu.”

 In addition to storm response and emergency events, the men and women of IBEW Local 104 are responsible for maintaining New Hampshire’s existing electric distribution and transmission grid, and building and upgrading new electrical infrastructure.

 IBEW is the premier electrical training organization in the country and New Hampshire, and Murphy said Sununu and his administration have been a great partner in an electrical worker training program recently developed at the Manchester Community College.  The training partnership between Manchester Community College, Eversource, National Electrical Contractors Association and the IBEW offers students the opportunity to earn a college degree while also receiving the necessary training to qualify as a lineworker apprentice.

 “These students are given the tools needed to have a long-term career in an industry that offers well paid jobs with great benefits,” said Murphy.  “There is a great need for people in this industry, and Governor Sununu is taking action to make this opportunity available to the citizens of the state.”

It marks the first time in over 35 years that IBEW Local 104 has endorsed a Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire.  The last Republican gubernatorial candidate to receive IBEW’s endorsement was former Governor John H. Sununu in the early 1980s.

 More information can be found at www.ibew104.org.

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