Time To Cast Your Vote For Best New Hampshire Slogan

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Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch State Park. Great place to celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week. Now take a hike.

By Mark Okrant, NH Travel Guru

It is in the spirit of National Travel and Tourism Week May 6 through 12 that your NH Travel Guru asked InDepthNH.org readers to participate in an informal state travel slogan contest.

The contest attracted more than thirty responses covering a range of themes and now it is time to cast your vote. After deliberation, a panel has determined that there are three finalists:

  • New Hampshire: It’s Only Natural (to which words like to shop, to play, and to hike can be added)
  • New Hampshire: The Best Natured State
  • The Granite State Rocks

Mark Okrant, NH Travel Guru

At this time, I ask you readers to vote for the slogan that would best serve the Granite State to attract visitors. These people—whether traveling from short distances or far—are the life’s blood of our economy.

Please vote by sending a number 1, 2, or 3 to me at my email (markokrant@yahoo.com). Only votes submitted in this manner will be counted.

I will announce the winning slogan in my May 13 NH Travel Guru column. Thanks for reading and throwing your hat in the ring.

May 6 through 12 is National Travel and Tourism Week throughout the United States.  Established by congressional resolution in 1983, NTTW “celebrates the contributions and accomplishments of the US travel community.”

This year’s theme—“Travel Then and Now”—directs us to celebrate the beauty of the USA, the growth of travel, and its rising impact upon America. Points that organizers at the US Travel Association will attempt to make are: 1) according to 2016 data, the annual economic output from travel increased by more than 42 percent over a recent ten year period; 2) during this same ten year period, direct travel jobs increased by nearly 15 percent; and 3) while difficult to measure, travel has had an enormous impact upon the quality of life of US citizens.

More than at any time since NTTW was established, the travel industry intends to use its week-long celebration to capture the attention of key people at the White House and on Capitol Hill.

States, communities, attractions, accommodations, and services have been encouraged to join in celebrating Travel Then and Now by sharing their stories and using media, the internet, and activities to “shine a spotlight on what travel has done (for your place).”

Among the many forms of celebration are rallies and events, discussions on social media, inviting local news personnel to experience and cover events, honoring outstanding travel employees, and connecting with elected officials.

And don’t forget to watch for the winning slogan next week when I will announce the winning slogan in my May 13 NH Travel Guru column. Don’t forget to vote!

After forty years as an educator, researcher, and consultant, Mark Okrant joins IndepthNH.org to offer concise, informative insight into New Hampshire’s travel and tourism industry as a business, while showcasing the people and places you want to know. This guy’s really been around. And, he’s funny, too.

For more about Mark’s compelling tourism-based murder mystery series, visit www.markokrant.com.

For information on current things to do in New Hampshire, go to: http://www.visitnh.gov/what-to-do/event-calendar.aspx


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