NH Senate Passes Transgender Rights Bill, Now Up to Gov. Sununu

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Amazing news,
Moments ago, the the Senate voted to pass HB 1319!

Credit for this victory goes first to the transgender Granite Staters who bravely opened their lives to neighbors and lawmakers, who shared their stories with the hope of building understanding even as doing so put them at risk of harassment and discrimination.

Today’s victory is also the result of years that our allies in the business, faith, civil rights and public safety communities have spent laying legislative groundwork. And last but not least we recognize the lawmakers who voted for freedom this year, last year, and in years before.

When our lawmakers stand on the right side of history, it’s important that we say thanks. Click here to send a short thank-you note to the senators who supported HB 1319 today.

There is still one more thing we have to do before we can mount a full-scale celebration: Ensure Governor Sununu signs HB 1319 into law.

Earlier this year, Governor Sununu told reporters he was “inclined” to support the bill. And he mentioned protecting transgender people from discrimination as a motivation for creating the new Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion.

But we saw in the Senate Judiciary Committee how much damage our opponents can do with their misinformation, and we have to make sure they don’t influence the Governor’s decision.

That’s why I need you to send a quick thank-you to the senators who voted for freedom today—and then send a message to Gov. Sununu urging him to sign HB 1319 ASAP!

Thank you,

Linds Jakows,
Campaign Manager

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