UPDATED: House To Vote on Alternate Right-To-Know Grievance Process

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David Saad, founder of RTK NH, is pictured speaking at the Nackey Loeb School of Communications during Sunshine Week.

By David Saad, RTK NH

UPDATE: SB 555 has been passed by the House of Representatives.  As there is a Fiscal Note on this bill, the bill now goes to the committee on Finance.

SB 555 will be voted on by the House of Representatives on Thursday.  This bill creates a low cost, speedy, credible, and impartial Right-to-Know (RSA 91-A) grievance resolution process for all parties.

RTKNH supports this bill.  Here are some reasons why.

SB 555 will establish an Ombudsman to resolve Right-to-Know grievances and reduce the burden and costs for: Citizens, Courts, Public agencies & bodies.

The 13 member study commission unanimously agreed that New Hampshire needs an Ombudsman.

The Senate agreed that New Hampshire needs an Ombudsman and voted to pass SB 555.

The House Judiciary Committee voted 14-2 in favor of this bill.

SB 555 is before the House for a vote this Thursday. Please contact your State Representatives and ask them to support SB 555.


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