‘Camino Island’ Is An Unexpected Delight

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MONICA READS, By Monica Drahonovsky
Camino Island By John Grisham

If you need a spring break from wintry weather, then turn the pages on this really interesting book.  We all know about Grisham’s use of his law degree and information.

Well, he has done it again.  He dives into the back room of first edition books and their dollar value.  His characters are always interesting and delightful.  He gives us people that we all might know or people we would want to go out to lunch with.

Monica Drahonovsky

However, in this trip through rights and wrongs and good and bad and evil, we are also visited on his ability as a lawyer to play the good and bad against each other.  He takes us on a trip through the life of a lovely young woman who wants to write but ends up teaching instead.

Why?  How does the owner of a book store that expands to be the hub of a community become a bad guy or is he really a good guy?  You decide.  You will not believe the ending and I found myself chuckling and rereading the ending.  It was not expected.

The author is an excellent wordsmith, knows his characters inside and out, and is clever in his introduction of back-door writers and their skills.  You will be delighted with this wonderful read that is not exactly what we expect from John Grisham.  Thanks for the interlude Mr. Grisham.  I enjoyed every word.

Monica Drahonovsky reviews books for InDepthNH.org. Monica is known for her love of history and her lifelong love for reading. She has a bachelor’s degree in History, with a minor in English. “My years of reading for leisure and pleasure have given me the insight to read a book and analyze the author’s baggage, cargo and ability to write the language of his/her mind and utilize the gift of prose to educate and entertain the reader. Go get a book, read it and enjoy the adventure.” Contact Monica at mawest@tds.net

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