Marchand to Launch ‘No Northern Pass, No Corporate Pass’ Tour  

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Gubernatorial candidate Steve Marchand


Portsmouth N.H.– Gubernatorial candidate and former Mayor of Portsmouth, Steve Marchand, will launch a tour this week to highlight his longstanding opposition to Northern Pass, Governor Sununu’s unwavering support for the project, and how this project is just one example of the corrosive levels of influence corporate interests frequently have in Concord. To begin the tour, this Friday, he will travel to Colebrook in the morning to meet with concerned residents, followed by a late afternoon rally in opposition to Northern Pass in downtown Plymouth.

“For seven years, I have opposed Northern Pass, because it leaves New Hampshire with all of the negative impacts of the project, while doing virtually nothing for New Hampshire ratepayers,” said Marchand. “Beyond just policy, this is personal. I have family all the way up to Pittsburg and West Stewartstown, and I’ve spent countless hours in the North Country growing up. It is a special place to me.

“But it’s even bigger than that. The saga of Northern Pass – and Governor Sununu’s strong advocacy for it – gets at the corrosive role large corporations are playing in shaping our state’s future. The corporations supporting Northern Pass have contributed thousands of dollars to Chris Sununu’s campaign and inaugural committee. Meanwhile, at a time when we struggle to fund mental health, DCYF, full-day kindergarten, and recovery resources, Governor Sununu champions a large corporate tax cut, most of it going to a small number of the largest corporations. Finally, when the Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) voted 7-0 against approval of Northern Pass, Governor Sununu sought to undermine the integrity of the SEC, calling it a “pre-staged” decision, and that its members were ‘railroaded.’ In fact, Governor Sununu says he will try to ‘fix’ the situation.

“In the end, Northern Pass is a microcosm of the pass some corporations are receiving at the expense of the public interest of the people of New Hampshire. Governor Sununu swims in corporate contributions, then advocates for large corporate tax cuts that diminish services our most vulnerable residents need, while increasing your property taxes. Finally, he carries the water for a project like Northern Pass, when the last person in New England who should support the project is the Governor of New Hampshire.

“We can lower electric bills for homes and businesses in New Hampshire with a strategy focused on locally-generated energy with an emphasis on renewables and conservation. Modernizing our electric grid will do more for our environment, economy, and ratepayers than any of these large-scale projects. If we lead with vision, competence, and courage, we can lead the nation on energy policy, and move away from a culture in Concord and Washington where corporate and political interests are too often one and the same.”

What: Meet and greet with local residents

When: Friday, March 16th at 10:30 a.m.

Where: Moose Muck Coffee House, 25 Parsons St, Colebrook

 What: Rally against Northern Pass

When: Friday, March 16th at 4:00 p.m.

Where: Outside Rand’s Hardware, 71 Main St, Plymouth





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