AG Investigating Judge For Allegedly Filing Anonymous Evaluations of Himself Online

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Carol Robidoux/Manchester Ink Link photo

Judge Paul Moore

Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald announced that his office has opened a criminal investigation into the conduct of Circuit Court Judge Paul S. Moore.

The investigation was initiated based on information received today from the New Hampshire Supreme Court which alleges that Judge Moore submitted a number of anonymous judicial evaluations of himself online, making it appear as though some other person had submitted the evaluations and without identifying himself as the individual submitting the evaluations.

The investigation by the Attorney General’s Office will focus on whether Judge Moore engaged in conduct constituting RSA 641:3, Unsworn Falsification; RSA 641:7, Tampering with Public Records or Information; and/or RSA 642:1, Obstructing Government Administration, as well as other criminal conduct as dictated by the evidence.

Because this is a criminal investigation, no further information will be provided at this time. Additional information will be provided when possible, consistent with our obligation to ensure the integrity of the investigation.

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