Sen. Dan Innis Talks Coakley Contamination With Roger Wood

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State Sen. Dan Innis

New Hampshire State Senator Dan Innis, R-New Castle is hoping that the second time will be the charm as he hopes to pass a law regulating toxins in water.  His first attempt failed last year over a technicality, but the Seacoast legislator has gathered a large group of co-sponsors, including the Senate Majority Leader, Jeb Bradley.

Roger Wood at his home studio in Portsmouth

The infamous Coakley landfill site in Rye has long been a source of pollution, dating back to the 1980’s.  It is also a possible but unproven suspect in a seacoast cancer cluster.  His legislation would require a mandatory limit on toxic strains of PFC’s to alleviate public concern and increase the state’s scientific knowledge of the pollutants.  Roger Wood spoke to the Senator.


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