Minimum Security Correctional Workers Keeping Concord Fire Hydrants Clear

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New Hampshire Department of Corrections Transitional Work Center in Concord.

(Concord, NH) Fire hydrants in Concord are more easily accessible this year because of help from residents from the New Hampshire Department of Corrections Transitional Work Center in Concord and NH Department of Corrections Security staff.

Following the Christmas 2017 snowstorm, a group of six workers supervised by correctional officers braved the frigid temperatures to shovel out several snow covered fire hydrants around Concord.

Non-profit organizations and local municipalities can contact the Corrections Transitional Work Center in Concord at 603-271-1924 with requests for projects.  Each request will be given careful consideration.

The crew at the Central Fire Station of the Concord Fire Department sent a thank you note to correctional staff saying “the hydrant shoveling has been invaluable.”  By providing this assistance to the City of Concord, the local fire departments can prioritize their efforts to respond to emergency calls.

Kimberly MacKay, Director of the Division of Community Corrections and Programming Services, said, “The residents enjoy volunteering in the community with local municipalities and nonprofit organizations. This type of community service allows the individuals to take pride in helping their community and obtain a sense of civic duty. It is very satisfying to know that we were able to assist the first responders by clearing the fire hydrants along with addressing a safety issue for the residents of Concord.”  Instilling a sense of community is an important value, this is just one of the many ways we are able to do this.

The group will continue to offer their services for upcoming snowstorms.

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