Sununu: ‘No Coal or Tolls in Christmas Stockings’

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Department of Transportation

Hooksett Toll Booth

Gov. Chris Sununu, R-NH, issued a news release Thursday on the proposed toll hikes.

“I have long been opposed to toll increases,” said Governor Chris Sununu.

Gov. Chris Sununu, R-NH

“After hearing from citizens across the state, reviewing feedback from the public comment sessions, and conferring with members of the Executive Council following yesterday’s final GACIT hearing, my position has not changed.

Had the Council ultimately voted in favor of toll increases, I would have negated their vote. Dragging this process out is not productive. As such, I will not allow this toll increase to move forward. I was sent to Concord to fight for the working men and women of New Hampshire, and that is what I am doing.”

House Speaker Gene Chandler, R-Bartlett

House Speaker Gene Chandler, R-Bartlett also issued a news release.  “I applaud the Governor’s leadership on this issue, and agree with his decision that now is not the time to ask our motorists  to pay more at the tolls. This process has been rushed, and we need more time to evaluate what projects need to be done and what projects can be done with existing resources.

“The legislature will play an important role in our future planning as we review the 10 year highway plan. We look forward to receiving the Governor’s plan and working with him to make sure we are living within our means before anyone proposes to ask drivers in New Hampshire for more of their money.”

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