Opinion: McPhaul Criticizes InDepthNH for Bouthillier Op-Ed on Northern Pass

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Editor’s note: InDepthNH.org takes no position on the Northern Pass Transmission project. As a public service, we do offer the opportunity for people in favor and opposed to the proposed 192-mile high-voltage transmission line to voice their opinions in occasional op-eds. We reserve the right to edit for length. InDepthNH.org cannot guarantee the accuracy of information contained in opinion pieces. We also cannot guarantee that all submissions will be posted. We appreciate all civil discourse. Send op-eds to nancywestnews@gmail.com. Thanks. Nancy West, executive editor.

By Dolly McPhaul

Dear Nancy,

To say I am disappointed in your decision to print a letter that is totally a character assassination is an understatement. Had Allen Bouthillier attacked my facts, it would be a different story. Not only is it a character assassination, but it is full of lies. I believe there is a law against such things…I am no longer a political candidate.

You mentioned my background in your disclaimer, why didn’t you mention Allen Bouthillier is on the Board of Directors of the Forward NH Fund of the Northern Pass and also on the Coos County Business and Employers Group, a group whose purpose and relationship to Eversource were questioned by Attorney Pappas during the opening day of the SEC Northern Pass hearing? You also mentioned you appreciated civil discourse; this was definitely not civil.

I thought you and InDepth was different. Guess not.

Dolly McPhaul

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