Quakers Plan Prayer, Civil Disobedience at Bow Coal Plant Saturday

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Courtesy photo

Friends gathered at Schiller Station


After walking for seven days from Portsmouth’s Schiller power station, praying for divine guidance in the face of climate cataclysm, Quakers and others will arrive for worship Saturday at the last coal plant in New England without a shut-down date.

WHERE: Bow Coal Plant, 97 River Rd, Bow, NH

WHEN: Saturday July 15, 10 a.m.

WHAT: Worship service and civil disobedience

WHO: Quakers and others from New Hampshire and around New England


Walking over 60 miles through rain and sweltering summer temperatures, pilgrims have focused their attention on bridging in their own lives the gulf between how we live, and what is required of us in these times of climatic crisis, noting that on Wednesday an iceberg the size of Delaware broke away from Antarctica.

Courtesy photo

Walking along Old Manchester Road in Raymond on the way from Schiller Station to the Bow Coal Plant

In a letter dated July 5, the group invited plant officials to join them for worship saying, “we are yearning for God to show us a way forward to live with integrity and create a world compatible with the truth.”

The group also made contact with the union representing the workers at the plant making clear that they seek a just transition to a clean energy future that protects workers and communities and doesn’t allow the companies to just pick up and walk away as the market changes.

A portion of the group is planning an act of civil disobedience in addition to worship planned at 10 a.m., but declined to say what it would involve.

For more information see climatepilgrimage.org and follow @QuakerClimate on Twitter and facebook.com/quakerpipelinepilgrimage

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