NH AG Launches Criminal Investigation of St. Paul’s School

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St. Paul's School website

Screenshot of St. Paul's School in Concord.

Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald announces that his office, in conjunction with the Merrimack County Attorney’s Office, the Concord Police Department, and the New Hampshire State Police has initiated a criminal investigation into St. Paul’s School, a coeducational residential high school in Concord, New Hampshire.

The investigation has been initiated as the result of a 2017 report concerning sexual assaults by St. Paul’s teachers on their students, earlier information about student sexual conquest rituals such as the “senior salute,” a practice which led to the highly publicized arrest, trial, and conviction of a St. Paul’s student in 2015; and allegations of a similar ritual reported in June of this year.

The investigation by the Attorney General’s Office will focus initially on the issue of whether the school engaged in conduct constituting endangering the welfare of a child, contrary to RSA 639:3; and violations ofRSA ch. 642, the Obstructing Governmental Operations chapter of the criminal code. This office will investigate any other crimes as dictated by the evidence.

In announcing this investigation, Attorney General MacDonald stated, “Protection of children is a paramount priority for law enforcement. I am confident that an institution such as St. Paul’s School will be fully cooperative with this investigation as it has pledged that ‘[t]he safety and well-being of all students remains [its] highest priority.'”

Any person with information regarding criminal conduct at the school is urged to contact investigator Mark Myrdek at 271-1263 or e-mail Mark.Myrdek@doj.nh.gov.

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