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I am thrilled that you folks are donating to Mike Marland’s CrowdRise campaign. Besides revealing your fine taste, it shows you care about the future of editorial cartooning in NH. Only NH’s homegrown Mike Marland has the right touch. We are forming a fan club that will act as a task force to take over the fundraising and we need you. I would love to get your ideas on how to best proceed. Would love to chat. We are feeling our way on this as we all build the next generation of news. Thanks, Nancy West 603-738-5635

NEW: Donor Thank You Gifts! Woo-Hoo!

Now when you donate to our Crowdrise  Adopt Mike Marland fundraising campaign you’ll get stuff from Mike! He will update CrowdRise regularly.

Signed IDNH editorial cartoon prints, signed original editorial cartoon art, signed books even custom caricatures! All the gift info is here www.marlandcartoons/crowdrise

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