Sununu Details $12.1 Billion Budget to House, Senate Budget Committees

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Gov. Chris Sununu outlines his $12.1 billion budget

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu was warmly received by members of the Senate and House budget committees.  He was there to lay out the framework for his proposed $12.1 billion dollar two-year state budget starting July 1.

Roger Wood has an update on the state budget, addressed by the governor last week before the full House and Senate.

Sununu, in his first committee presentation, seemed to win points by stressing that revenue sources should ensure a balanced budget by the deadline of June 30.

The State House session took place just days after the newly elected Republican addressed a joint legislative session in Representatives Hall.  Sununu stressed the importance of education for a young work force, with emphasis on the state’s community colleges.

During the session, the governor also re-iterated his support for charter schools, to go along with public education for New Hampshire’s students.

He told the joint committee that he is a true believer in full day kindergarten statewide, proposing $9 million dollars in state aid.  And, he pointed out that the $125 million dollar proposed capital budget is intended to address local priorities in all areas of the state.

On the issue of substance abuse, Sununu called for a doubling of the alcohol abuse prevention funding.

The committee will ultimately present its recommendations to the full House and State Senate, with a deadline of June 30.

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